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I perceive Centrope tt as an important project, which has a big potential to lay the foundations of strong research area in Central Europe.

Ing. Jiří Hudeček,

With cross-border technology cooperations we create the critical mass of know-how needed in Austria to make our companies competitive.

Dr. Petra Bohuslav,
Minister for Economy, Technology,
Tourism & Sports

Centrope tt project will unlock the potential of the region: converge brains - best scientific and educational potential of our countries and business practices.

assoc. prof. Robert Redhammer
vicerector for science and research STU

If the researchers, developers, analysts, processors of

knowledge, as well as the universities cooperate in a

special field, this region may

have a kind of role in Europe.

Prof. Dr. János Rechnitzer
Vice-rector of Research
University Széchenyi István

With the colleagues of the growing centrope_tt network we easier can consider new strategies in favour of our customers - the companies and R&D providers in Lower Austria.

DI Claus Zeppelzauer
Head of Companies & Technology

While using synergies -

also in the field of research

and development – a larger and 

more competitive economic area can be generated.

Mag. Irma Priedl
Lower Austrian Office for
Economy, Tourism & Technology

I wish a success to Centrope tt project activities. It could bring Trnava and Centrope region closer to prosperity as you can see in Bio Valley or Silicon Valley.

Prof.Dr.Daniel Belluš
BSI International Consulting

The aggregation of existing enterprisenetworks and strengthening their cooperation with R&D providers has an high priority in Lower Austria. This could provide an ideal environment for innovative impulses all over Centrope.

Mag. H. Miernicki
CEO of ecoplus